Strata Maintenance (Part 4 – Car Park Lighting)

May 5, 2022

Modern urban living means more people in less area. Car parking spaces are often built below ground to make the most of a given space.

 Underground car parks often rely on artificial light. When lighting fails or is damaged by moving vehicles, the area can become very dark, very quickly, with no natural light during the day. This can be hazardous for people walking in the area and dangerous for people’s safety if the car park is not secure.

Old fluorescent style lights are the most common type found in car parks before LED lights became mainstream. As these lights remain on 24/7, they are often brittle from the heat generated. Making it difficult to even change a globe that has failed. And fluorescent lights are all now at an age where they are starting to reach the end of their serviceable life. We recommend replacing these lights with equivalent LED fittings ensuring longevity and energy efficiency. 

Did you know that LED lights use about half of the power of an equivalent fluorescent light? As car park lighting remains on for such long periods, this can lead to significant cost savings. It is worth considering replacing all non LED lights, even those that are still operational, for this reason. The savings on electricity usage generally means the cost of the new LED lights will be made back in electricity savings over the next two years. Any savings from that point on is money in the bank.