Strata Maintenance (Part 3 – Emergency Lighting)

April 1, 2022

Mancini Electrical recently replaced all emergency light fittings in a multi-unit complex to the more modern type that complete a self-test periodically.

Allowing any person (does not need to be a qualified electrician) to scan each light using their smart phone and download the results. This feature saves much time and money as the site manager, or grounds person, can complete this. They can then notify us exactly what fitting/s have failed and need to be replaced. Allowing us to make the repairs in a much more cost effective manner.

Exit and emergency lighting provides safe passage from buildings in an emergency situation when standard lighting fails. All exit and emergency lighting is required to meet the Australian standards set out in AS/NZS 2293. These standards outline the design, installation, maintenance and product requirements of emergency lighting systems required in all commercial premises. To ensure safety of any person who enters the building, emergency lighting must be continually tested, maintained and compliant. 

As exit and emergency lighting relies on a backup battery to run when the supply power fails, battery maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of the light. Periodic testing is important to maintain the battery life, and identify lights that are nearing the end of their lifecycle. Unfortunately, exit and emergency lights have a finite lifespan, and are like a seat belt in car, you don’t want to discover that they have failed, during an accident. 

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