Strata Maintenance (Part 2 – Emergency Lighting)

February 2, 2022

During an extended power outage, 54 out of 55 emergency lights in all the communal areas failed to charge back-up once the supply returned. This was likely due to the age of the lights, (being over 12 years old) and the battery back up in each has a typical usable life of 5 to 10 years. This was an immediate safety issue as if there was another emergency situation at night, there would be no emergency lighting to help guide residents out safely.

We replaced all emergency lighting with new fittings that are more modern looking, and with additional features. As well as complying with new international emergency symbols. All new lights are LED, eliminating the need to regularly check globe condition. And have the latest, most reliable battery technology.

But the most advantageous feature about these new emergency lights is the self-testing cycle. Eliminating the need for a user to initiate a test cycle, run around to every light to check they have turned on, wait 90 minutes, and then run around to every light again, to see that they are still on. Each light fitting is programmed to simulate every 30 days, a power loss of 90 minutes. This helps extend the life of the back-up battery significantly. And best of all, any person can now go around in their own time and scan the IR signal from each light, using their phone, to download the last self-test results. These can then be used to easily report with and notify a qualified electrician should any light need to be replaced.

Today, safety is paramount. Emergency lighting is the first emergency feature in any public space and should not be neglected.