New build? We can embed conduit work into your slab

July 1, 2022

We are in the early stages of construction of a wonderful new house build that will be the forever home for three generations of a family. The fantastic 18C degree weather while preparing the conduit work to be installed in the concrete slab, made it so pleasant to be outdoors while working. With the added bonus of working with Mindful Homes, who like to plan and prepare to make sure the final product is of the highest quality.

This conduit work is embedded in the concrete of the floor above, to conceal all cables completely out of sight. So you can enjoy the space without it looking like an industrial workshop (unless that is the look you want to achieve – we can help you with that too). We must triple check this work as once the slab is poured, there is no second chance.

Although the building sector is busy, and builds have slowed right down due to the shortage of workers (and with building material supply delays), projects are still ticking along.

Watch this space for future updates on this exciting build!

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Embedded Conduits_Aerial-June 2022