My home is smarter than yours! Smart home installation

September 28, 2022

Two years ago we started a project with a customer to smart wire their new home lighting using the KNX system. This enables smart switching of lights and power outlets to allow for programable controls and integration of other smart features such as voice control, automatic timers, and/or remote access. There are several different brands who offer smart wiring products with different features and pricing. Smart wiring your home or office can be useful:

  • For people with a disability. To have voice commands for switching lighting, operating automatic blinds or shutters, or controlling room temperature.
  • To automatically switch lights and power off, out of normal hours, to reduce unnecessary electricity usage in a workplace. How many times has the air conditioning system been left on overnight?
  • For home automation. A surprisingly effective deterrent to prevent break-ins is to make your home look occupied while you are away. Switching room lights intermittently through a pre-set programme makes outsiders think you are home.
  • And for sheer coolness if you’re the type of person who likes all the latest mod cons and gadgets in your home.

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