How Much Will it Cost?

January 4, 2022

We often get asked questions for quotes that are very difficult to answer, with vague or little to no details included in the enquiry. Queries such as:

“How much is it to put a power point in?” or “How long will it take to fix a fault causing my power to trip?”

Unfortunately, we are unable to give an answer without knowing more information about the situation. Factors like:

  • Building construction type
  • Roof type
  • Location of existing, and requested new fittings
  • Switchboard condition
  • Circumstances surrounding a faulty condition

These, and more, are all elements that affect the time, difficulty, materials used – and ultimately the cost of the work. It would be improper of us to try and guess without considering these factors, and any estimated price would be unreliable (either higher or lower than the final value)

We insist on keeping our quotes as accurate as possible. So, as often as possible we will do a site visit to view the scope of works before sending a quote. This is to protect both parties and prevent any unexpected costs to the client. We are aware that there are many other electricians out there who are willing to give ‘over the phone’ quotes, but this is not how Mancini Electrical operates. Plans, schedules, and scope of work details are all things we like to have before any work has commenced. The quality of the finished product of any building or electrical work is a direct result of the planning and preparation that goes in beforehand. And we like to give our customers the best outcomes for their money.