Home Renovations

At Mancini Electrical, we enjoy helping families make their homes nicer to live in – more up-to-date, more beautiful and more efficient. This is a more cost effective way to ‘upgrade’ than relocating to a new home.


Renovating your kitchen is the ideal way to tidy up clutter. We are qualified to install all electrical cooking appliances, and can assist you with other modern modifications such as ensuring sufficient lighting for your work areas. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so let us help you make it a pleasure to cook in.


When you renovate your bathroom, think about the lighting – correct lighting will make bath and shower time relaxing, and help by providing better lighting when it comes to applying makeup. Make sure you also include provision in your plans for an exhaust fan to remove moisture and condensation.

Outdoor Areas & Gardens

Don’t wait until you decide to sell your home to update and make your garden nice. A well-lit outdoor area can look fantastic for evening entertaining, especially in summer, and adds another dimension to the view out the windows all year round. We can work with you to create beautiful and functional lighting for your garden, water features, patios and other outdoor areas.

Household Entertaining Areas

Whether it’s a man cave or a more family-friendly indoor entertainment area, there are many options to make the most of feature areas such as home theatres and games rooms through effective lighting. We are happy to come by and help you choose the right lighting and power to suit your budget and the desired effect you want to create.