About Us

Mancini Electrical consists of Phillip Mancini, Jay, and Dylan. With 42 years’ combined experience in the electrical industry, including domestic, commercial, industrial, and both on and offshore rigs. We enjoy helping people make their work and homes safer and more functional with the latest electrical products that are available. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing through lighting.

We are based in Midland but service the wider Perth metro community, and country towns such as York, Toodyay, Dowerin and Wyalkatchem. Mancini Electrical enjoys helping clients in a range of sectors. Such as light industrial workshops and yards, Real estate agents, commercial builders and home owners. Please take a look at our drop-down menus for further information.

The first spark – how we started

I started Mancini Electrical in 2010 as I saw an opportunity to offer better customer service than what was ‘the norm’ at the time. The early 2000s saw a boom period in business and the economy, and there was a much higher demand for work, across all sectors, than supply could facilitate. While there are many benefits to a booming economy, a downside is that everyone is very busy all the time, with business / customer relationships taking a back step. Employees, customers, and services all become a number in the big picture. The GFC highlighted just how important it was for companies to work ‘with’ customers, rather than ‘for’ them, simply providing a product or service.

Mancini Electrical strives to listen to customers’ needs to provide exactly what they are looking for. Whether that’s safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness or aesthetics. This has been one of our values from the start. It’s what got us through the GFC, and remains important to us today.

Phil Mancini